Hello.... My name is Nur Amirul Haqqim. I am 2 years old. I love to dance, sing and watch Barney on videos. Barney and his friends are my good friends.

I would sing and dance to Barney songs and my mum would be my partner. My mum and dad bought me lots of Barney videos and we would watch them together.

Besides watching Barney and his friends, I love to watch the MTV. I could sing the song "My Heart will go on" by Celine Dion at the age of 1 yr 4 month. And now I can sing the TLC song, No Scrub and Britney Spears, Baby One More Time.

I bet you can't believe that I could do that at that age but you can ask my mum.

I want you to meet my darling brother. I love him so very much.

This is my brother.

His name is Nur Azirul Haqqim and he is only 6 months old.

He love to watch Barney and he would giggle and chuckle whenever I dance and sings to him.

I wish he could join me and mum, singing and dancing to Barney songs.

Well..... I'll wait for him to grow up then.



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Updated on 5th August 1999.
Hei! That's my Mummy's Birthday (2nd Aunty).